Disturbed Samples of Soil

Moisture content
Proctor Test
Density in Situ
C.B.R. (California Bearing Ratio)
C.B.R. in Field
Sieve Analysis
Static Plate Load Test
Specific Gravity
Index Plasticity

Undisturbed Samples of Soil

Moisture content
Bulk Density
Specific Gravity
Sieve Analysis
Sedimentation test(Hydrometric test method)
Index Plasticity
Chemical analysis of clay
Oedometric Test(One-dimensional consolidation)
Direct Shear
Unconfined compression test of soil
Mineralogist Analysis

Test of Rock

Specific Gravity of rock
Dry Density of rock
Chemical contents (carbonate & clay)
Petrographic Analysis
Chemical analysis of rock
Uniaxial Compressive strength of rock
Point Load Test
Absorption in Blue Metilen
Flakiness Index
Round Coefficient
Elasticity Moduls for rock
Abrasion Test

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