Compressive Strength
Job Mix Formula
Flextural Strength
Tensile Strength
Non Destructive Test (Sclerometer)
Non Destructive Test (Ultrasonic)
Sample Preparation
Fresh Concrete Check-out
Unit weight Measures
Consistency (Slump Test)
Concrete sampling in site with core drilling
Test for concrete,marble,Ceramic slab by ball
Flextural Strength concrete,marble,Ceremic slab


Grading fine cement
Time of setting of Hydraulic cement
Compressive Strength on cement MortarCubes
Chemical analysis


Sieve Analysis
Fineness Modulus
Chemical analysis
a) Sulphates
b) Carbonate
c) Clorures
Petrografic Analysis
Percentage of Clay
Specific Gravity
Bulk Density
Absorption ,Porosity
Sand Equivalent
Maximal Density of Sand
Minimal Density of Sand
Moisture content
Formal Coefficient
Flakiness Index
Los Angeles
Micro Deval
A.C.V.(Aggregate Crushing Value)

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